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Sound Proof Foam Large 50x50x5cm - 10Pack

Sound Proof Foam Large 50x50x5cm - 10Pack

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Sound Proof Foam Dampening Absorbing Acoustic Wall Panels

Elevate your acoustic environment with our Sound Proof Foam Large 50x50x5cm - 10 Pack. Ideal for enhancing sound quality and reducing noise, these sound absorbing panels are perfect for studios, home theaters, offices, and more.

Why Choose Our Sound Proof Foam?

  • Superior Sound Absorption

    Our acoustic panels are 5cm thick, unlike the thinner 2.5cm models available elsewhere. These acoustic foam panels offer enhanced sound control and noise absorption, making them ideal for acoustic wall panels in recording studios, soundproof panels in home theaters, and more.
  • Unique Pyramid Design

    Featuring a 3D pyramid design, these panels increase the surface area for sound contact, effectively absorbing and eliminating unwanted echoes, flutter echoes, standing waves, and reverb. This makes them perfect acoustic sound panels for walls in music recording environments or quiet workspaces.
  • High Density Foam

    Made from high-density polyurethane foam (25kg/cbm) with a professional-grade open cell design, our sound dampening panels are both environmentally friendly and flame retardant, ensuring safety and superior sound absorption.
  • Fast Expansion

    Our sound proof panels come vacuum-sealed and expand immediately upon opening. Within 24-48 hours, they reach full expansion, ensuring quick and easy setup.
  • Easy Installation

    With self-adhesive backing, these sound dampening wall panels are simple to install. Just peel and stick on clean, dry walls or ceilings. No additional tools or materials are required.

Versatile Applications

  • Recording Studios

    Create a stable acoustic environment for high-quality sound recording.
  • Home Theaters

    Enhance your viewing experience by reducing noise and improving sound clarity.
  • Offices and Classrooms

    Minimize distractions and create a peaceful working or learning environment.
  • Exterior Sound Absorbing Panels

    Control outdoor noise for a quieter indoor space.

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Our sound insulation panels for walls are designed to provide the best soundproofing solutions. Whether you need sound dampening foam panels for a small space or soundproof panels wall for a larger area, we have the perfect solution for your needs.

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At Tempo Gear Australia, we are committed to providing top-quality acoustic solutions. Browse our collection of Sound Proof Foam, acoustic panels for walls, and more to find the perfect products for your space. Enjoy fast shipping and excellent customer service.

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