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Silent Drum Set with Mesh Heads & USB MIDI

Silent Drum Set with Mesh Heads & USB MIDI

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Electronic Silent Drum Kit with Quiet Mesh Drum Heads

Precision-Engineered Drums and Cymbals

Experience the pinnacle of drumming innovation with this Electronic Drum Kit, designed for those seeking a quiet yet powerful drumming experience. This set includes:

  • Five precision-engineered drums: snare, bass, and three toms
  • Three responsive cymbals: crash, ride, and hi-hat

These components ensure a full range of sound, allowing you to master rhythm and beats with ease.

Authentic and Dynamic Performance

Equipped with ultra-sensitive bass and hi-hat pedals, this silent drum kit ensures an authentic and dynamic drumming performance. The mesh drum heads offer a realistic feel with significantly reduced noise, making it perfect for practice sessions at home.

Advanced Sound Module and Customization

At the heart of this soundless drum set is an advanced sound module, opening a vast universe of musical possibilities:

Vast Universe of Musical Possibilities

  • 20 editable sound kits for personalized beats
  • Over 420 distinctive sounds catering to various styles from rock and jazz to electronic music

The USB MIDI port allows seamless integration with your favorite songs or backing tracks, transforming your practice sessions into engaging performances.

Versatility for All Skill Levels

Designed for both beginners and seasoned drummers, this midi drum set offers versatility, quality, and responsiveness. Practice quietly with mesh drum heads or unleash full volume in live settings. Shape your sound and groove with confidence, backed by cutting-edge technology.

Key Features

Realistic and Quiet Practice

  • Five Standard Mesh Drums: Realistic feel with reduced noise
  • Silicone Cymbals: Authentic crash, ride, and hi-hat sounds
  • Silicone Bass Drum: True drumming experience
  • Bass and Hi-Hat Pedals: Complete control over your performance

Advanced Sound Customization

  • User-Friendly Sound Module: 20 editable sound kits and over 420 sounds
  • Metronome Function: Precise timing practice
  • Multiple Connection Options: USB MIDI, 3.5mm sound output, and more

Sturdy and Adjustable Design

  • Adjustable Frame: Suits any playing style or space

Package Contents

Everything You Need to Start Playing

  • 1 Sound Module for unparalleled sound customization
  • 1 Snare Drum, 1 Bass Drum, and 3 Tom Drums for a full drumming setup
  • 1 Crash Cymbal, 1 Ride Cymbal, and 1 Hi-Hat Cymbal for versatile cymbal sounds
  • 1 Bass Pedal and 1 Hi-Hat Pedal for dynamic drumming control
  • 1 AC Adaptor and 1 Cable for easy setup
  • 1 Pair of Drumsticks to start playing right away

Ultimate Flexibility and Sound Quality

Whether practicing at home, recording in a studio, or performing live, this electronic drum kit offers unmatched flexibility and sound quality. Dive into a world of musical exploration and unleash your inner drummer with confidence.

Discover the Electronic Drum Kit with quiet mesh drum heads, editable sound kits, kick pedal, and USB MIDI integration. Elevate your drumming journey today!

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