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Double Kick Pedal Heavy Duty

Double Kick Pedal Heavy Duty

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  • Maximize Your Drumming Performance with the Ultimate Double Kick Pedal

    Elevate your drumming to the next level with our top-of-the-line Double Kick Pedal. Designed for the serious drummer seeking a blend of durability and precision, this all-metal double bass drum pedal is engineered to deliver a solid and powerful kick performance that will inspire greatness on stage or in the studio. With unbeatable value, our Double Kick Pedal transforms your drumming experience with customizable features and robust construction.

    Engineered for Precision and Power

    Our Double Kick Pedal is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, featuring a host of premium features tailored for optimal performance. Experience the ultimate control with our triple spring adjustment capability, ensuring consistent tension and a seamless playing experience. The frictionless bearing hinge offers smooth, effortless pedal action, while the double-spine weighted pedal plates provide a stable and secure platform for powerful drumming. With the inclusion of beater shaft locks, your beater's position remains precise, ensuring consistent sound production. The innovative fully adjustable power cam system and double cam plates not only prolong the life of the pedal but also amplify the beater speed, offering an exceptionally solid feel with each kick.

    Customizable for Your Unique Style

    Adaptability is at the core of our Double Kick Pedal design. With easy-to-adjust features like the bass drum hoop clamp and beater angle, you can tailor the setup to your playing style. The pedal includes a versatile quad-sided beater, allowing for a variety of sounds and a personalized drumming experience. Additionally, the double locking spring tension rod keeps your tension settings consistent, ensuring that your performance remains unchanged.

    Features Designed for Drummers:

    • Double chain CAM driven system for a responsive and smooth performance
    • Convenient easy-access clamp adjuster
    • Customizable beater angle adjustments for perfect alignment
    • Durable aluminum hinge with lateral fixing screw for added stability
    • Quad-sided beaters with multiple surface options: 1 round felt, 1 flat felt, 1 round plastic, 1 flat plastic for versatile sound production
    • Stabilizer platform with built-in spurs to prevent movement
    • Weighted pedal plates for a solid base
    • Includes a drum key for easy adjustments
    • Adjustable distance between both pedals, ranging from 50cm to 69cm (center to center), to fit your setup perfectly

    Discover the difference a professional-grade Double Kick Pedal can make in your music. Whether you're performing live or recording in the studio, our pedal is designed to boost your creativity and enhance your drumming skills. Upgrade to our Double Kick Pedal today and experience the ultimate in precision, power, and performance.

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