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3rd Avenue Roll Up Drum Kit

3rd Avenue Roll Up Drum Kit

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3rd Avenue Roll Up Drum Kit

The 3rd Avenue Compact Electronic Drum Kit is ideal for those with limited space, as it can be easily folded and stored. It's a great choice for both beginners and advanced players looking for a smaller option to practice. The kit includes crash and ride cymbals, an open/close hi-hat, snare, high tom, low tom, and floor tom, as well as two hi-hat and bass drum pedals.

The silicone rubber pads make it easy for drumsticks to bounce back, reducing strain on the wrists and allowing for harder and faster hits. The kit has built-in stereo speakers for authentic drum sounds, with 9 levels of volume control and a headphone output for quiet play. With 12 demo songs and 7 drum sounds, you can also play along with your favourite tracks using the included aux cable. You can even record and play back your own beats and rhythms using the Record and Playback function. This versatile and fun drum kit is a great gift for all ages. Let's Rock and Roll!


9 Volume Levels
Record Playback Function
Includes 12 Demo Songs, 7 Drum Sounds 9 Accompaniments
MP3 and USB C Connectivity
Built-In Stereo Speakers
Headphone Connectivity
AC Adapter with USB C Cable
2 x Drum Sticks
7 Pads, 2 Foot Pedals
USB Cable Wall Power Adapter
Aux Cable

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